Disclosure & Risk Declaration

T4T Technology has prepared this ‘Whitepaper’ document, and this announcement is for all the readers who view or access it, regardless of the same communication channel or platform

The sole purpose of this whitepaper is to provide information only, and under any circumstances, it cannot be viewed as an offer of securities or an invitation to take part in any regulated investment scheme, howsoever defined in any jurisdiction around the world. Moreover, information in the document is not showed to form any type of advice or encouragement to engage in any sort of investment activity.

Kindly go through the entire Whitepaper & this disclaimers & risk declaration below. Look for professional advice from your professional advisors, including lawyers, tax accountants and financial advisors, if you have any understanding issues, uncertainties to any information presented in the Whitepaper.


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In some jurisdictions, it is unlawful to view this document for individual or certain categories of individual. To view this document, one has to ensure that he or she is not subject to any restriction according to the local law that does not permit to view this document. In particular, unless otherwise determined by T4T Technology & permitted by the applicable law and regulations, it is not intended that any offering of the tokens mentioned in this by T4T Technology should be made, or any documentation should be sent, directly or indirectly, in or into, countries where taking part in Initial Coin Offerings are prohibited due to legal bindings, countries which sanctioned by the US or those countries are marked as high risk by the Financial Action Task Force (“FATF”) (each, a “Restricted Territory”) and nor should it be accessed by any individual who is a national citizen or resident of those Restricted Territory, including corporations, partnerships, or other entities created, incorporated or organized in any such jurisdiction, unless they are exempted from the prohibition against participating in Initial Coin Offerings. T4T Technology will not be responsible by anyhow for the individuals who access this document from restricted territories that disallow such action or where any part of this document may be illegal. Such viewers are exercising this act it at their own risk.


This Whitepaper document contains the information that does not provide any warranties of any kind and T4T Technology, its employees, officers, and advisors do not act as representation and disclaim all express and implied warranties and conditions of any kind. T4T Technology’s employees, officers and/or professional advisors will not take responsibility or liability to you or any third party for the aftermath of acting on such information, errors or omissions in this document.

The information set out in this document may contain statements that are deemed to be “forward-looking statements”.

Statements like these are prospective in nature & cannot be deemed as historic facts. Some statements can be recognized as ‘anticipate’, ‘believe’, ‘if’, ‘may’, ‘plan’, ‘aim’, ‘target’, ‘should’, ‘could’, ‘estimate’, ‘project’, ‘expect’, ‘possible’, ‘will’, ’would’, ‘intend’, ‘probable’ or more other identical terms. These terms are not fully comprehensive. Forward-looking statements are identified with risks & unsure cause these statements are related to facts or events in the unforeseen future. Thus, the information, belief, forward-looking type statements, estimations, and projections

in this whitepaper is based on anticipated roadmaps, development, and terms & performance of the relevant entities are concisely selective & subject to updates, revisions, expansion, and amendments. T4T technology is not liable for to take responsibility of any representation or warranty or undertaking, including statements in related to the truth, correctness & fullness of any of the information is presented in the whitepaper. T4T Technology also denies any responsibility or responsibility to make any update or review any forward looking statements except to the degree where imposed by the law and T4T Technology itself and it’s any personnel do not provide any guarantee, assurance or representation regarding any forward looking statement that will happen. T4T Technology always strive for achieving goals but the goals drawn in this whitepaper may change or may not be meet in future without any announcement to you due to unanticipated future.


The sole purpose of this document is information providing purpose only, it does form or create any offer or appeal of any offer to buy/sell, subscribe to, underwrite or purchase any type of financial instruments, securities & investments. In addition, this document cannot be a source to rely upon in any way to make contract or investment decision.


This document’s content has no intention to create any form of legal, financial or other advice. The viewer of this document must conduct his/her decision & comply

to all local law regarding cryptocurrencies, securities, tax and other regulations in the prospective jurisdiction. It’s recommended that the document viewer may consult with legal advisor for better understanding.


This whitepaper does not act as source to be relied upon to initiate any contract or making any investment decision. Any agreements between you and T4T Technology will be administered by ‘Sale Document’. If there are difference between Whitepaper & the Sale document, the statements of the Sale document will get the priority.


This document can be viewed for information purpose only; it is not any form of advertisement or offer from T4T Technology. The distribution this whitepaper must be complied by all the local law in your jurisdiction & unable to comply with such law by viewers will not make any responsibility to T4T Technology or its related personnel.


Many jurisdiction has unclear or non-settled regulatory status regarding cryptographic tokens, digital currency, digital assets, and block-chain apps. The distribution & publication of this Whitepaper does not prove that it is complied with the local jurisdiction laws & regulations. In addition, any regulatory body does not approve this document. Due to change in existing laws or regulation, the changes may have adverse effect on the entities mentioned in this Whitepaper.


The risks related with the technologies of T4T Technology DEX, NEO Block-chain, SWH Tokens, and ICO (The initial coin offering, the T4T Technology Smart Contract, and other block-chains are identified as unpredicted bugs, security issues or interruptions. These factors are beyond our control and the full amount to purchase the SWH Tokes may get lost. T4T technology may not be able to execute or achieve its goals & strategy despite all the best efforts. In future, there may be changes in stock or cryptocurrency market, political, social, and economic environment or there is no or not much acceptance of the T4T Technology DEX and/or SWH Tokens. In addition, T4T Technology DEX & SWH Tokens may become no longer commercially viable. T4T Technology will not be held liable for taking any responsibility, claims, demands, indemnity every kind, known & unknown (including, but not limited to,claims of negligence) resulting from the acceptance or relying on the information drawn in this Whitepaper. This Whitepapers information may not accurate, complete or timeliness despite giving reference of certain websites & links. This risk declaration & disclaimer document is not fully complete for future and T4T Technology will publish more comprehensive set of information in other documents on demand.

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